Ubuntu's Guide to Self Care in times of hardship

The idea is to extend food mileage, extending the resources

making multiple meals from one chicken.

Organic Chicken $23

1 bunch of Carrots $3

1 bunch of Celery $3

2 potatoes $1.50

How to breakdown a chicken

First take the legs of a chicken,

pull the thigh away from the breast bone, cut an incision between the breast and the thigh

lean more towards the thigh to preserve the skin on the breast if you want to roast the breast later

Find the ball joint by turning the chicken over and folding the leg back towards the backbone

The joint will pop out the socket and disconnect from the body, cut through the meat separate the legs

how to separate the breast, make an incision to 1cm on either side of the keel bone, which is the hard cartilage on the breast of the chicken, your knife will eventually meet the rib cage

start to cut along the cage and peel the breast away from the keel bone

Find a socket that joints the shoulder and the wing and cut through the it

With the backbones, you can make a stock

Cover the bones in a large pot with water. Bring the water to a simmer, then skim the impurities ( the stuff that comes up to the top) then add the onions carrots and celery. Continue to skim and simmer on low to medium heat for an hour or two. Boiling results in a cloudy stock. Strain with a fine sieve and reserve the liquid. you can pick some of teh chicken meat if you like and reserve it forchicken noodle soup.

From here you can make a variety of soup or simply reduce it to the desired richness and use it as a bone broth. I like to infuse it with a little ginger and soy sauce or tamari. optional: spices like fennel seeds, star anise, black peppercorn etc. sesame oil and mirin can also add a nice touch

For the thighs, I love to roast them with some olive oil, salt and pepper or whatever spices you have at home.

Roast for roughly 45 minutes at 375F oven until the meat falls apart but not dry

Optional ingredients such as the one from bon appetit include lemon, garlic cut in half and chillis.

I suggest playing around with this and not worry about how the end product looks. This is more about nourishing yourself then the outcome of the dish itself.

This dish can be served with bread, rice or any grains. I would also suggest some root vegetables with this such as potatoes, carrots or any roots vegetables you would like to try.

For the breast, I like to simply season with salt and pepper as well. Preheat your oven to 375 F

Get your skillet hot with some olive oil and place it skin side down. Sear until the skin is relatively brown like the picture below, continue on the skin side in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Take the pan out of the oven and add some butter and lemon juice and continue to cook the chicken on the stove. We are creating a pan sauce here. Combine the juice of the chicken and the butter and lemon juice altogether with s spoon or a whisk.  optional: herbs such as parsley, sage or rosemary.

Rest the meat for 10 minutes before cutting into it for optimum juiciness.

Meat can serve on the salad with butter lettuce, kale or any greens available to you. Best to go to the farmers market for the freshest and tastiest available mix.

You can also slice the meat and make a sandwich with some mayonnaise, mustard etc

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